This type of outfit is a kind of my mix and match transcending denim-to-denim. “IT’S IN THE JEANS” my effortlessly style on my street fashion. Finding the right and perfectly pair of jean is a must.  It can easily be mixed and matched with varied style tops, tees, shoes and accessories.  No wonder that denim is considered timeless staples. You must need to know the real balance and proportions whether outfit you do & go.


It is transcending for all ages and generations, denim jeans are arguably the most popular items clothing. For skinny girls who wish to have perfectly curve I must suggest you need to choose high-waist jeans, it is the answer of your prayers. Hahaha! Well I’m not kidding but it’s TRUE honestly! These jeans cinch your waist and emphasizing on your hips that creating a sexier figure. Soon I will post some of my high-waist outfit!

hipster (2)

Accessories by Process Chain 

I’m looking forward for a shop sponsor who will allow me to wear some of your products and feature here on my blog the “BOOK OF WARDROBE”. I’m open for collaboration and advertisement and features! Leave me a message below or direct send me an email:

hipster (1)

But in this moment I am wearing a hipster skinny jean simple yet sporty. Pairing this kind of pieces with my favorite printed tank top, my printed shoes and the denim cover up top borrowed from the boys. I really must enjoy my mixing style with this laid back. Being hipster type, I love wearing jeans, because I feel comfortable where ever I go!

Have a great day!



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