Dainty Something

Hey fellas, I’m back!


For today’s outfit, let me share this cute and awesome style, inspired from my favorite Tokyo Fashion. This kind of outfit is a mixture of kawaii fashion. Like what I said on my first blog post here, it talks about kawaii culture it super “ADORABLE”. Since fashion is my main outlet of styling, I’m happy learning every step. Now I may not feel regret creating my own kawaii style and enjoy my creativity most especially in styling. I may not prefer to be an aspiring ASIAN Top next model but still admiring people who have a great talent in modeling. I really want to be a stylish not a model. Hahaha! Hopefully you’d love my style!

2Mix Bracelets and wrist watch.  4

What I wore?

A Vertical Stripe jeggings, Hello kitty top -Thrifted, Nike Shoes, Daintythings Accessories, Wrist Watch & Summer Hat.3

Close up! Pardon me for my eyeliner. I’m experimenting “make up” in adobe Photoshop. Hahaha! Meowww… Meowww… Feeling a cost-player Duhh…


Illustration and artsy design by YOURS TRULY (Kawaii Art Diaries.)

Before I forgot I had great news for you! Last week I already launched and published my newly open online shop. Named Daintythings (a fresh and pretty thing) offered a high quality fashion accessories in reasonable prizes. It is a hand crafted design pieces, which brings you a colorful chuncky and trendy accessories that pump-up-your-style. Available in Philippines residence and it can deliver nationwide.

sn01 copy

I already post my available products such as: Dream Catcher Necklace, Bow Fabric Necklace, Statement Necklace, Kawaii Headbands, Pony Bracelets, and Arm Party Mix Bracelets.How to ORDER? Click HERE. For more details feel free to visit Daintythings official blog shop and like on FACEBOOK.

P.S. pardon me for being inactive here on my blog because of my hectic schedules and work. I will do my super best to give you an updates here as much as possible. More outfits coming soon!

Thank you all for reading my blog. Hope you feel not bored. Have a great day ahead! God bless us!

Xoxo, Sabie


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