Flash Fairy High Vintage

flashfairy-highvintage (1)High vintage theme is one of my favorite concepts for today blog’s outfit. Here we go started a new style break with this stylish creation and playful experiments. It is something that reminiscing from the past fashion & looking back for old decade like 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Now brings you in the reality of fashion blogging to discover a new personal style with own signatures creating timeless staples and inspiration to others.

flashfairy-highvintage (2)

I’d love vintage since before I started fashion blogging. I really don’t know why, but still admiring vintage from stuff to wardrobe style. The other types of vintage are of high classic and edgy. This outfit I preferred is considered as a playful vintage. Because of these fun experiments we loved and choose to dress up like an actress in theater arts. Hahaha! In titled “flash fairy”. Why Flash Fairy? Well I know that you’ve already heard about my professions and knowing that I am a photographer. No wonder that this one of my first choice as my theme. And these pieces of wardrobe bring you flashes out all uniqueness of arts & style.

flashfairy-highvintage (3)

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Let me share my short history about my photography. When I was thirteen I have started to learn focusing lenses, filters, different types of exposure and most especially taking photos with my father’s anolog camera using 36 shots YKL film. My shots are very limited. Compare to this new generations. Now digital cameras exist with unlimited shots. Like many other people who loved photography they use to purchase cameras using SLR/DSLR. Have you still remembered ready print photos with polariod cameras? Now we had a Fuji Instax. Wish to buy that camera soon. You know this is what I am wishing for but still no. on my list yearly. But still don’t have time to buy it because I have other priorities. I don’t know maybe because of “spend money wisely”. Hahaha! Trying to convince myself that all I need to buy is important for my necessities. I’m still contented for what I have now. I love to have it, but I don’t need it at this time!

flashfairy-highvintage (4)

Accessory high lights from Daintythings Shop Ph.

flashfairy-highvintage (5)

Blezai and I enjoyed our fun theater art street style with high vintage! We’re feeling that we traveled in the past and experienced old life. Haha!

What I wore?

Maxi Skirt vertical stripe | Flat Shoes | Vest & Sheer Top bought from thrifted store | Accessories from Daintythings Shop ph | Party Hat | Pentax Analog Camera bought in Singapore

Photo Credits to Image Corner Photography | Hair & Make Up: Lian Bas

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Thank you & GOOD LUCK!


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