Yesterday I have been contact many shop managers/ owners and asking them a permission to be feature there shop on my site for free. Glad that some of them are willing to participate and be part of my advertising campaign without a doubt. Yey! Yes its free advertising campaign to my fellow Bicolanos business,  as much that I want to help them in their business promotions, not only in Camarines Sur, but also from Camarines Norte and entire Bicol Region.

I really loved helping my community to build and have progressive business for #UswagBicol. I will try to give my hundred percent efforts for this project SUCCESSFUL. Cross fingers! ~_~

Lamadrid DP logo


Owned and business managed by Rachel Ann De Castro-  Lamadrid. She was a Graphic artist and a fantasy designer. Rachel did study Bachelor of Science in Digital Illustration and Animation, she also considers herself largely a self-taught artist. Rachel began her art career in 2009 right after graduating from college. Much to her surprise, the interest in her fantasy and fairy art seemed to increase very quickly once she showcase her art on-line.

Now, she’s expanding her art horizon beyond imagination and putting those handful crafts into the next level. That’s why she provides her own business managed.

What Lamadrid Design & Prints Services Offered?

They provide a full range of in-house photo printing, document printing, and photocopying and graphic design services to the students and people of Vinzons, Camarines Norte.


They customize invitations for all occasions, corporate souvenirs, & handmade scrapbook. And also print on t-shirt, pillow cases and tarpaulins banner in different sizes.


For interested customers drop by and visit Lamadrid Design & Prints now.

Address: FO Balce St., 4603 Vinzons, Camarines Norte. Philippines | Contact Lamadrid Design & Prints +639460464573. | Email

Visit there official site:

Also accepting orders and other services through online, please Like there official FACEBOOK.


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