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Before anything else I would like to express my gratitude for all the greetings I received on my special day last Oct. 27th, 2015. From sms (text messages), social media sites, email and personal greetings, to all THANK YOU po. I truly appreciate it and treasure a lot! Thank you so much for your love and support fellas! (CHAROT) hhihihihi! Yoko nito masyado Korney! But seriously THANK YOU talaga!!! #TRUEnato.

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… Weelll let me share this GALA DAY with my friend Macel!

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Macel and I have decided to go out with a GALA date. A friendship date plus a lamyerda treats because we both already have celebrating our birthdays late. Why late? We spend our whole life in work, a career woman who loves business. Hahaha! Earning money is really important for us. PAYAMAN pa MORE!!! Hihihi. It’s been a long time since we been together and maybe last year. LOL!  So this is the PERFECT TIME to jam together, make fun and relaxed. Have a Gala day at least in just one day we’re free from stress. ❤

Aside from celebrating our birthdays late we are celebrating our 11th years of friendship. Time passed so fast. My friend Macel was celebrating her 28th birthday last Oct. 21, 2015. And also me had celebrating, my happy and blessed day last Oct 27th.  If you’re curious how old I am, well it’s really “CONFIDENTIAL” hahaha. But HEYYYY I’m still young and pretty you know! Years don’t matter for me. Ehem! BASTA MAGANDA AKO!!! hihihihi!

The octoberian girls enjoy shopping UKAY-UKAY. Hahaha. Shopping a thrift store is fun. Macel bought three items with sulit fashion pieces of clothes (racer back top 80php, printed denim long sleeve top 120php and red sleeveless top 80php) total cost 280php. Super affordable! And for me I bought two pieces of items (White and Navy Green knitted cover up) perfect suit for this bipolar weather. You know here in our province we suffered bipolar weather.  Sometimes hot like a summer even Ber months and sometimes too cold. I’m so happy I bought it 10pesos each so, my total expenses for UKAY shopping 20pesos only! Its fun experienced shopping in cheap segundamano with affordable prices. It’s really suppper dupper sulit b’cause it has a high quality brand clothing’s even second hand or SEGUN DAMANO. All items are in good condition you are free to choose your wardrobe. Sorry we forgot to take some photos while we’re in thrift store.


After thrift shopping we enjoyed buying an affordable books at BOOK SALE. We’ve find amazing books for cost 20pesos SALE.  I love reading book ever! ❤ ❤ ❤

galavol1-copy (2)

We enjoy chika moment and lunch break in KFC at SM NAGA with #SuperBUSOSGMUCH.Thanks for the gentleman crew for taking this photo. Hihihi!


Unlimited SELFIES! Hihihihi… Thanks Macel for these photos!I already forget to bring my SLR camera. I HAVE NO CHOICE!!! #selfiepamore


WHAT I WORE? Floral Printed Tees, Skinny Jeans,  Shoes, Handmade FRINGE NECKLACE (also available in my store) #processchainshoppe


Photo Credits: Macel Ilao & Photo Process: Your Truly (Sab)


Thanks READING!٩(⸝⸝⸝◕ั ௰ ◕ั⸝⸝⸝ )و



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