Back in Black

Hey people! I’m back. Well I’m sooo SORRY for waiting you too long. Because of my as usual validity reason “BUSY in BUSINESS”. Yes, I’m busy managing my online shop & physical store. Hehehe! Focus in my business is one of my reasons why I have to give up some of my hobbies. It’s a hard decision but I have to choose one priority. ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m not younger any more. Huhuhuhu ;(


But I hope you will appreciate my #OOTD (outfit-of-the-day) wearing my black outfit. Love to I have enjoyed my DIY MAKE UP. No makeup artist to support my #OOTD blogging, and sometimes photo shoot happened unexpectedly. In my hectic scheduled, it’s miracle to have a vacant time and push my #OOTD experiment. My sister is busy, so I have no choice, but to try and do it in my own. Thanks for my SG (Singapore Authentic) Products. I don’t have to worry for looking a perfect makeup that will suit my style. Haha!. Thanks for the inspirations make up tutorials and bloggers! ♡♡♡


Since, I have been already promoted other shops and products endorsement before. I also have realized that, I ought to endorse my own products first before anyone else…

Am I right?


By the way fellas, I have good news for IG users. (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞♡

You can now follow me on INSTAGRAM @bookofwardrobebyjmb.

I have always had an updated post twice a week and sometimes daily during my free time.

You can see all my random photos and life happenings that I loved to share! ♥


I know it’s been a long time I haven’t any update in my blog. Cause of having no time for browsing, I haven’t any things to share and no idea actually… My life is full of hectic days and the truth is I have missed half of my life before. Spending my time reading my favorite blogs, inspire me a lot of your crazy stuff, adventures, crafting ideas, photo snap shots, fashion styling and food craving… The things keep me inspires in everyday life, is the things that some I cannot do in my real life. Sad reality! I want to do a lot of things but having to time is one of my biggest problems. I’m so dramatically today! Haha! But don’t worry I’m still fine. Maybe, I can do those things in the right time. And I’ll pray for it!


Thank you for spending time browsing my site.

I know its bit short but I hope you enjoyed and keep you inspiring!





PHOTOGRAPHED BY: © Image Corner Photography


♥ Sabie ♥


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