Flash Fairy High Vintage

flashfairy-highvintage (1)High vintage theme is one of my favorite concepts for today blog’s outfit. Here we go started a new style break with this stylish creation and playful experiments. It is something that reminiscing from the past fashion & looking back for old decade like 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Now brings you in the reality of fashion blogging to discover a new personal style with own signatures creating timeless staples and inspiration to others.

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First Blog Giveaway: Book of Wardrobe x Daintythings Shop Ph.


Heeyah people! Finally have a first blog giveaway. I know this is what you are waiting!
Yepey! So please join my giveaway and be my first lucky winner.

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Dainty Something

Hey fellas, I’m back!


For today’s outfit, let me share this cute and awesome style, inspired from my favorite Tokyo Fashion. This kind of outfit is a mixture of kawaii fashion. Like what I said on my first blog post here, it talks about kawaii culture it super “ADORABLE”. Since fashion is my main outlet of styling, I’m happy learning every step. Now I may not feel regret creating my own kawaii style and enjoy my creativity most especially in styling. I may not prefer to be an aspiring ASIAN Top next model but still admiring people who have a great talent in modeling. I really want to be a stylish not a model. Hahaha! Hopefully you’d love my style!

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PHOTOGRAPHY//Unexpected Pre Nuptial Shoot// Micheal & Michelle

Well, have you notice that I’ve miss each day without posting blog, don’t have a blog post most especially on valentines day. Actually I had preferred post on my draft and backlogs but I forget to post in on that exacts date because I’m super duper busy in my work. Got sick, over fatigue and still don’t have free time.

You know I’m typical woman who love my work. Though I’m super busy, I’m still enjoying my life.  So to all people out there, let me greet you a belated happy valentine. Hahaha! Sorry if it’s already late! But I hope you will enjoy your day whether your single or not. Celebrating valentine is not all about having a partner but, giving love, sharing to the people whom you care a lot, like your family, friends and the people loves you.

Being single it doesn’t mean “BITTER”, but she/he is waiting the right time to meet a BETTER one! Remember, falling in love is not just easy finding someone you like…I remember when Pope said “God has full of surprises” we don’t know when people fall in love. Please stop calling them bitter, unless you know the real meaning of being a bitter.Don’t ever judge people. Because you do not know what their plans in life but instead call them BETTER, coz they are the person who can stand in their own ways. Waiting the right time, pursuing their dreams and never asking a rush love story because everything has a way of process. If you are disagreeing with me, well I’m sorry, this is my own opinion and I’ll never afraid telling what I know. Hahaha! OMG what a nice topic!

Let me share this Pre Nuptial Shoot happened yesterday!


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This type of outfit is a kind of my mix and match transcending denim-to-denim. “IT’S IN THE JEANS” my effortlessly style on my street fashion. Finding the right and perfectly pair of jean is a must.  It can easily be mixed and matched with varied style tops, tees, shoes and accessories.  No wonder that denim is considered timeless staples. You must need to know the real balance and proportions whether outfit you do & go.

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2014 PROJECT OUTFIT 01 & 02
Last November, I was busy in my street fashion project shoot for my clothing online shop “Huku Yume Fashion.”Collaboration with my Plealabel team mates Joan. She’s one of my dolly faces for my collection. After we had finished all products shoots, we have been decided to have some fun kawaii outfit. We both love kawaii fashion and admired some cutie dolly cost player. How I wish I will be able to meet them personally especially go to Harajaku Street. Lol! Kawaii really interesting! (◡‿◡✿)
01-1So we gonna try some unique pieces and explore learning through fashion. I enjoyed spend my days for shooting, just to finish all my projects. Well glad had been successfully done it. Seriously, I’m officially kawaii fanatic super! Hahaha! (゜▽゜;)) So let me share this adorable style I made! ヾ(^ ^ゞ) */
About my outfit #01: I prefer mixology style.Although I’m typical hipster kawaii girl. And loved skinny jeans plus ironic tees and this time I prefer this mix outfit with kinda printed, lace top in pastel and pair in skirt and old leggings. I’m not so sure if this looks really suits me as kawaii. But to tell you honestly I’d tried my best for this kawaii outfits works.01-2
#01 Outfit details: printed cover up long sleeve | lace top with print | skirt|  leggings | boots | mix accessories

02 (1)

I made this outfit with bright colors with my favorite pullover gift from my elder sisters. I love buying different of shoes with different shade of colors whether it’s affordable or high quality brand. But it depends of stuff that will attract me most! (゜-゜) )
I know it helps me to express my self more through styling and being just a simply kawaii inspired.Hopefully you will appreciates my outfits. For any suggestions and reactions you can send me feedback below. Likes will more appreciated. .(゜-゜) )
#02 Outfit details: pull over top: Thrifted | mix accessories: Process Chain | printed polka dots leggings: Ph Boutique | shoes: Maker bonnet: Korean Fashion | stripe socks: Off Brand | pins: Bazaar
It was a great afternoon! I’m glad that we made this happen. Till next kawaii outfit projects! Thank You!