Yesterday I have been contact many shop managers/ owners and asking them a permission to be feature there shop on my site for free. Glad that some of them are willing to participate and be part of my advertising campaign without a doubt. Yey! Yes its free advertising campaign to my fellow Bicolanos business,  as much that I want to help them in their business promotions, not only in Camarines Sur, but also from Camarines Norte and entire Bicol Region.

I really loved helping my community to build and have progressive business for #UswagBicol. I will try to give my hundred percent efforts for this project SUCCESSFUL. Cross fingers! ~_~


Dainty Something

Hey fellas, I’m back!


For today’s outfit, let me share this cute and awesome style, inspired from my favorite Tokyo Fashion. This kind of outfit is a mixture of kawaii fashion. Like what I said on my first blog post here, it talks about kawaii culture it super “ADORABLE”. Since fashion is my main outlet of styling, I’m happy learning every step. Now I may not feel regret creating my own kawaii style and enjoy my creativity most especially in styling. I may not prefer to be an aspiring ASIAN Top next model but still admiring people who have a great talent in modeling. I really want to be a stylish not a model. Hahaha! Hopefully you’d love my style!

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This type of outfit is a kind of my mix and match transcending denim-to-denim. “IT’S IN THE JEANS” my effortlessly style on my street fashion. Finding the right and perfectly pair of jean is a must.  It can easily be mixed and matched with varied style tops, tees, shoes and accessories.  No wonder that denim is considered timeless staples. You must need to know the real balance and proportions whether outfit you do & go.

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