Sweet & Fab OOTD

1  This outfit is a sweet girly-girly type epic with shade of color and combinations. Now I have been enjoyed playing dress up with mix-and-match comfty style. I’d love the color looks fabulous, fresh & feminine young like an eighteen. Simple and comfortable, it is also suit for malling with friends hangouts. ❤ ❤ ❤

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PHOTOGRAPHY//Unexpected Pre Nuptial Shoot// Micheal & Michelle

Well, have you notice that I’ve miss each day without posting blog, don’t have a blog post most especially on valentines day. Actually I had preferred post on my draft and backlogs but I forget to post in on that exacts date because I’m super duper busy in my work. Got sick, over fatigue and still don’t have free time.

You know I’m typical woman who love my work. Though I’m super busy, I’m still enjoying my life.  So to all people out there, let me greet you a belated happy valentine. Hahaha! Sorry if it’s already late! But I hope you will enjoy your day whether your single or not. Celebrating valentine is not all about having a partner but, giving love, sharing to the people whom you care a lot, like your family, friends and the people loves you.

Being single it doesn’t mean “BITTER”, but she/he is waiting the right time to meet a BETTER one! Remember, falling in love is not just easy finding someone you like…I remember when Pope said “God has full of surprises” we don’t know when people fall in love. Please stop calling them bitter, unless you know the real meaning of being a bitter.Don’t ever judge people. Because you do not know what their plans in life but instead call them BETTER, coz they are the person who can stand in their own ways. Waiting the right time, pursuing their dreams and never asking a rush love story because everything has a way of process. If you are disagreeing with me, well I’m sorry, this is my own opinion and I’ll never afraid telling what I know. Hahaha! OMG what a nice topic!

Let me share this Pre Nuptial Shoot happened yesterday!


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